Maternity Leavers

What to do about work now you’re a mum

by Soozi Baggs


Becoming a mum is a life changing experience, but it changes every life in a different way.

Some of us can’t wait to get back to work, others can’t even face the thought of it. Some of us would love to be home as a full time mum for the baby, toddler, and preschool years, and others are planning to start and grow a business in that time. One thing we almost all have in common though, is the desire (or need) to make some sort of change to our working life – either to balance our new family responsibilities or because we feel differently about the work we do for a living.

Whatever your reasons, and whether you’re having your first baby or your tenth, maternity leave is the perfect time to reflect, regroup, and lay some foundations for a better family future.

This book will help you do that.

With lots of ideas, practical advice, and stories from personal experience about returning to work, starting your own business, or being a full time mum; you can create your own unique approach to what to do about work now you’re a mum.

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Reviews and Mentions

A huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read (or listen to!) my book and write a review. Here are some blogs where you’ll find fab content and reviews in addition to a review of Maternity Leavers.

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I’m very proud to say that Maternity Leavers was a Bronze winner in the non-fiction category of the 2016 Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

I was recently interviewed about the book on The Irish Times Women’s Podcast so look out for that during July!

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Hi, I’m Soozi – author of Maternity Leavers. Throughout my working life I’ve tried loads of different jobs – always seeking the elusive ‘dream career’. This quest has taken me from my first full time job as an office clerk in Plymouth, to university in Wales, a brief teaching stint in Japan, and far too many years in London working in a secondary school, an international development charity, and several law firms and financial institutions. As has been said on many occasions by friends and colleagues: ‘If you’re thinking of trying something different career-wise, speak to Soozi first – she’s probably already done it.’

After having kids I went back to work for a year before leaving to become self employed, first as a knowledge management consultant, then later as a writer (with a bit of sports trading thrown in). For the past year I’ve been giving postgraduate study a whirl and I’m currently back to freelance writing (my blog is at and deciding what PhD topic to pursue.

I live in south east Cornwall with my twin sons, where I write and study in ‘Mummy’s Office’ – the only room in the house not full of toys (although definitely full of paper and books)!