Hi, I’m Soozi – author of Maternity Leavers. Throughout my working life I’ve tried loads of different jobs – always seeking the elusive ‘dream career’. This quest has taken me from my first full time job as an office clerk in Plymouth, to university in Wales, a brief teaching stint in Japan, and far too many years in London working in a secondary school, an international development charity, and several law firms and financial institutions. As has been said on many occasions by friends and colleagues: ‘If you’re thinking of trying something different career-wise, speak to Soozi first – she’s probably already done it.’

After having kids I went back to work for a year before leaving to become self employed, first as a knowledge management consultant, then later as a writer (with a bit of sports trading thrown in). For the past year I’ve been giving postgraduate study a whirl and I’m currently back to freelance writing (my blog is at soozibaggs.com) and deciding what PhD topic to pursue.

I live in south east Cornwall with my twin sons, where I write and study in ‘Mummy’s Office’ – the only room in the house not full of toys (although definitely full of paper and books)!